The Performance-Values Matrix

I need to remind this picture from time to time and send to other people, so we can work and talk about the values we want to build on the team. The actions in the different cases are simple: Incompetent Assholes (Fire Fast) Competent Assholes (Remediate or Separate) Incompetent Nice Guys (Manage (train, coach) or … Read more

VRoom’s Expectancy theory

Expectancy theory proposes an individual will behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated to select a specific behavior over other behaviors due to what they expect the result of that selected behavior will be. Expectancy theory has three components: Expectancy: effort → performance (E→P) Instrumentality: performance → outcome (P→O) Valence: V(R) … Read more

Performance reviews

I have an easy approach: define clear goals and let them to go for it with their personalities and personal way to lead. I just work as facilitator removing hurdles and explaining the changes of the rules of the game (company priorities, procedures…). You should easily measure the performance of the goals, they should be … Read more

MVC pattern + DevOps + agile = SaaS developer

This equation is so simple, there are transferable skills that can be used in different platforms. MVC pattern + DevOps + agile = SaaS developer In the market, companies working on SalesForce, ServiceNow, Workday… all of them are looking for developers. You cannot learn how to develop ServiceNow code using the traditional training channels: they … Read more

Leadership Vs. Defensiveship

Corporate life is full of management styles: leadership, authoritative, micro-management….I’m able to differentiate other type which I call “defensiveship”. I do not know if this concept exist or if it has other name (probably “defensive behavior” is more correct), anyway! Defensiveship can appear by different reasons: in organizations where middle layers of management are more … Read more

Flow, psychology

The flow is something that has been studied since years and I find this mind status important when you are working with other people. You do not need to be a team lead to think about it, it’s just to understand how people is behaving and how they react. I find this picture useful to … Read more

Let managers to manage

Micromanagement is still so much present in organizations, this is something that sometimes I forget because it’s so much weird to me that way of managing major deals. I have seen people affected by micromanagement, careers progression cut, people under sick leave…. and the micro-manager complaining about the lack of time s/he has! Don’t do … Read more


I found this SaaS company, and watching their videos, I wanted to dig into more details. They are in the “Marketing Resource Management” magic quadrant. Clear pricing tables. Task management, resource management, capacity management, Gantt charts, agile project management, workflow automation… The solution looks for the major productivity at all levels: in the requirement, design, … Read more