The finite and infinite game

This is the title of a book written by James P. Carse. On that book you can find that there are different attitudes you can have on the game. These strategic attitudes define the approach. We can apply these attitudes depending on the context, but what is crucial is to detect what are the other … Read more

Teams of Teams

This book written by General Stanley McChrystal is part of the readings I’m doing as part of a book-club readings. I have discovered things as: Scientific management by Frederick Taylor, Reductionist approach, Revision of the beginning of the manufacturing industry. The rest of the book is full of anecdotes and other stories that are very common … Read more

Weak signals

When discussing about future scenarios, we figure out assumptions, boundaries and characteristics that could make such scenario to happen. Related to this, the appearance of these future scenarios depends on signals: strong and weak signals. A strong signal is a phenomenon or thing that causes evident changes on the scenario. For instance, COVID-19 or a … Read more