Learning on SAP upgrades

This is what I was doing some months ago. I was working on a proposal related to a SAP technical upgrade and depending of the person I talk to, a different tools are recommended to me. This is just an initial opinion, probably when I gain more visibility it will be different, but by the … Read more

"Just google it" is not enough

Last months I’m detecting an interesting trend from some of the young people of the team, and even from support team of a vendor. The issue is with regards to the approach used for solving support problems. In a nutshell, they receive a problem, they look in google or other forums for a solution and … Read more

Service Management challenges

For the renewal discussions it’s important to review the basic concepts of each application support. Just 4 main items: The nature of the business/application output, The real demand done to the application in terms of processes and technology. The high/low level of contacts with the customer. The changing nature of demand (financial closing periods, end month, application … Read more

Password Strength, check it

Do you leave your door opened?Why cars have keys? There are so many ways to check how secure is your password, for instance this: http://www.passwordmeter.com/ Just do it,

Conversations between to old bankers

Some day like Today, Banker 1: what is that “Cloud computing” stuff? Banker 2: it’s a new place where you move your information managing it with a better conditions. You don’t have to know where this places really is but it’s there. Banker 1: Ah!! so this is like the Cayman Island: it exist in … Read more