"Just google it" is not enough

Last months I’m detecting an interesting trend from some of the young people of the team, and even from support team of a vendor. The issue is with regards to the approach used for solving support problems.

In a nutshell, they receive a problem, they look in google or other forums for a solution and if there is not a clear solution or a clear direction to the issue, they stay paralysed: they don’t know what else to do!!!

I was involved in deep in a stopping issue and when I was doing questions about the investigations done, I was so surprised about how limited was the approach used to find a solution to the problem.

There were not try error approach, there were not imaginative ideas to try to isolate the error ruling out sources of the error…

When I started to suggest tests to be able to see where was the root cause of the problem, people started to doubt about it, but suddenly the partial conclusions where ruling out causes and they were suggesting more alternatives. At the end of 3 hours meeting we found the root cause (not the solution) but it was a very positive session.

I’m probably getting older, when I worked providing service support we had not google and we the amount of information available was so limited. It made me to think and invent alternatives to isolate problems and look for solutions. It’s a natural approach for me, but for some young people the approach seems to be different

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