Project checkpoint: 80% budget consumption

One milestone that should be always be defined in a project from the control point of view is that Project Manager will notify the Client when the spend against budget reaches 80%. Doing an analysis about reasons that can make the project to be over budget at the end of the project.

One formal STOP for the project manager where s/he also have a milestone to see how things really go.

Sometimes the project manager is so busy in the weekly waves and have the hope that the time spent in the previous weeks is going to be recuperated.

I have worked in a project with this problem and one of the things makes me to detect the that the project was not going into the right direction was the ETC forecast was not always done in the right way, there were estimations that were clearly unrealistic.

Live is not perfect and there are so much projects that does not finish as you desire. This was one case more 🙁

Behaviour of "Cumulative Work"

This graph is obtained from a macro created by the team that provides the corporate PM toolset for all of us. Nevertheless the values I mention are extracted from MS-Project data, so you can also do it.

Returning to the weird issue, the cumulative work at point #1 is suddenly increased, being separate with respect BCWS, that stated below.

Other interesting item is the fact that 1 month after point #2, both curves remain again parallel. This behaviour was understood when we reviewed the milestones view:

You can see that there is a period of 3 weeks where there are a lot of deliverables marked by the milestones.

Due to the current delay the project has, and the confluence of milestones in a given period, all work that has not been done is accumulated just before the milestones were reach. That’s way the cumulative work is increased by MS-Project, she is telling us: “… ups, you need to increase your effort to reach the milestones!!”

The forecast of the rest of the project is calculated taking into account that you are going to reach the milestone events properly.

Are my conclusions right? If I’m wrong, please let me know! Thanks

Burn Rate. How much effort do I need to finish on schedule?

Earned Value (EV) helps me to control costs and schedule performance, but it does not answer the question: How much effort do I need to finish on schedule?

The Burn Rate shows how much effort is needed going forward to finish on time, and it is expressed as a percentage of remaining planned hours.

Burn Rate = [EAC – ACWP] / [BAC – BCWS]

> 1.0, it means that planned staffing is insufficient to get all the work done before the delivery date.

I have used this rate to let see my sponsor, an estimation of the deviation due to a lack of resources happened in the initial phase of a project. As numbers are so obstinates, it helps him to make decisions