Working on Excel

I have been working on Excel during these days and I have the problem that I didn’t know how to return multiple values from a lookup: some formula like VLookup but that it returns more than one value.

I have found these very useful links

I have tried to resolve my problem using the help explained in the first link but it does not work as I need.

I have finally created a macro to build the incoming array I need.

The next problem I’m facing seems to be something without solution, because I cannot use the references in a “list” of the “Data validation” wizard:

One day later….

I was tired last night. To overcome the problem I pasted the formula in a cell and then I got the reference from that field. I hide the cell and everything works as desired.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

This Abert Einstein’s phrase helped this week to discuss with one colleague while building a sales presentation. The main issue with the presentation was that the concept about what this presentation wants to show was not clear.

Once the concept was understood, the model, value proposition… and all te other slides were easy to understand.
The problem was in the first 2 slides, where the concept was explained: if the reader/listener does not get the idea, how is s/he going to understand what we solve?
After some proofs, the colleague has found a solution with a simple slide.
Apart of the exercise of thinking about a solution, the main obstacle has been to motivate the other to change some aspects of the material that was considered genial and that it really wasn’t. He really can improve it as we have finally done.
Again another interesting exercise for the mind and the imagination that helps to overcome the daily chasing activities that I’m involved during these last weeks.

Adapt tasks to biorhythms

Are you a early person or a late person?

I’m early person, so this is because I try to do all important things in the morning.
Read and write are tasks that I use to perform in the first hours of the day. I make the most of time doing this.
Second part of the day is to have meetings. Meetings meetings and more meetings.
I close the day answering mails, approving issues and doing administrative things.

Change Freeze

This period of inactivity is established to protect the IT infrastructure, application and/or other business activities from any change activity that may undermine its stability and operation.

For instance, during Christmas that there is a lot of staff on holidays and each time more and more companies agree this type of stops.

In addition service providers are happy because they also have fewer problems to achieve SLAs and staff can also enjoy this vacation period.

Everybody knows about this period of inactivity but suddenly they realise that this period is coming and they need to deliver something.

What’s happen then?

There is an avalanche of change requests before Christmas, overloading the change management service.