Machiavelli, The Prince

I have just finished this book. So many people recommend The Art of War as an excellent reference for learning about the strategic and tactician principles. This book makes something similar at leadership and management point of view. As human behavior has really not changed so much on some basic behaviors, these lessons are still … Read more

AspenTech MES

I did not know that AspenTech have their own MES: aspenONE Manufacturing Execution Systems. The basis of all these solutions is Web.21, a web-based solution for managing the processes and data from an InfoPlus.21 database. It is now an integrated Microsoft-based platform.

Customer facing processes

Before the trends were defined by the companies, Now the trends are defined by the customers, they are not unique, the value of the experience is more and more relevant. This is happening in almost all industries: retail, automotive, tourism, telecommunications, media. The purchase process has changed, people look on-line, visit physical stores, buy on-line, … Read more

The symtom, the desease and the cure

Identify the symptom is useful for understanding the problem and setting priorities to overcome it. The disease focuses the attention on the underlying causes of the problem. The cure focuses on the actions to remove the cause and also take into account negative collateral effects. The lack of understanding of these three concepts is making … Read more

Non successful SharePoint implementations

I have been seeing during the last 3 years major companies investing millions of dollars on SharePoint farms, SharePoint migration projects, tonnes of effort to go… where? Do you know any major SharePoint implementation where the end users and CIO are happy? If you do, please let me know! I’m interested on it. I have … Read more

Organizational charts

Every time a new organizational chart arrives to your e-mail, you take your time to read, understand the political moves, the roles identified on it and the evolution of the people within that organization. For me this is the main use of this communication tool, the rest is secondary. Well, secondary? from the political savvy … Read more

Herberts coating trades

I was writing about Herberts coatings in the past, and news I got during these days made me to pay attention of the story of owners of Herberts coatings. I have listed the data by event, so you can see how Herberts is changing of owner for time to time. This is the sequence of … Read more