Being a project manager

I do not why, but sometimes I feel identified with this meme. Being a Project Manager is easy, it’s like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire, you’re on fire, everything is on fire and you’re in hell

PMP Certification

I passed my PMP exam this month. I read the PMBoK, I did the virtual led training courses offered by the company I work and I did a lot of exams, reviewing concepts and learning the details of the exam reviewing answers and explanations. There is a good bunch of exams on the internet, and … Read more

From mess to an organized environment

The work on organizations can be sometimes a completely mess. I’m working on an initiative to turn this “mess” into a more organized and efficient delivery. The basic approach we are following is: To have a clear, complete and detailed organizational chart. Understand what are the governance rules defined by contract with the customer. Define … Read more

SWAT or Rapid Response Team

I’m engaged on a team where rapid interventions are required to fulfill a specific goal. Basically these interventions are set when an escalation comes from senior customer stakeholder or there are signals of contract breach. The typical cycle of these interventions are composed by a 12 weeks interventions, with weekly reports to the project sponsor … Read more

15 minutes call, rules

You organize daily calls and you try to make them effective and efficient. Define the purpose and clear ground rules help to complete them on these 15 minutes. Objective: What did we do yesterday/today, What will we do today/tomorrow, what is blocking us? Agenda: We will use the action list to drive our agenda. Ground-rules: … Read more