Etherium Maturity

This week I noticed 2 things: Around 90% of the coming ICOs are based on Etherium. More Than 70% of Ethereum DApps are Games. Maturity of the ecosystem I acquired the habit of checking the market capital volume of the 100 top cryptocurrencies. Doing it, I notice how the lifecycle of the currencies are happening. … Read more


Bitcoin and Litecoin are the global leaders in cryptocurrency, both are powered by similar technologies with the exception that Litecoin is a modified, more efficient version of Bitcoin focused on retail applications. Litecoin, as a result, is both cheaper and faster to transfer than Bitcoin but unfortunately may not be as universally accepted as Bitcoin. Some advantages with … Read more

Thinking basketball

In the back side of the book you can read: Behavioral economics, traffic paradoxes and other metaphors highlight this though-provoking insight into the NBA and your own thinking. So I bought the book. Some remarks to remind Individual scoring is not replaced, it is redistributed. Look at the global impact of a player, not just … Read more

Quantopian concepts

I have invested some hours learning about Quantopian environment and the basic concepts around the platform. The environment is very powerful, so I wanted to gain some basic clarity of the basis. Quantopian platform It consists of several linked components, where the main ones are: Quantopian Research platform is an IPython notebook used for research and … Read more

Trading view pros and cons

I have been testing Tradingview for a month, doing different scripts with Pine editor and performing some backtesting annotating results, and writing assumptions, parameters… What is really nice Data from whatever market you can think. You can jump from one value to other, you can visually navigate at all levels with a very good time … Read more


The basis Etherium platform for enabling the trading of sport players rights. There are different solutions explained in the white paper, the more interesting one to me is the solution for Athletes: GLOBATALENT will allow young players to sell part of their future incomes without having to have an everlasting mortgage on their life. The … Read more


What is overfitting? when you are preparing a machine learning solution, you work basically with data sets that contains: Data: relevant and/or important data. Noise: inrelevant and/or non important data. With this data you want to identify a trigger, a signal that responds to your target pattern you want that your code identifies. So you … Read more