Swiss Cheese Risk Model

I just learn the existence of this graphic way to show risks: It’s a risk assessment model so you do not forget that when working with different systems, a chain of risks can turn into a issue and provoke a major impact. The Model leverages the idea that all system controls, no matter how effective or … Read more

Trading, risk management

Risk management is one of the key points when you trade in any market I have to mature the risk management mindset and measure how the actions I perform are working with respect a level of exposure that I want to take. Definition of level of exposure Perform operations between 0,5% and 2% of the … Read more

Risk Management on programs

Tolerate uncertainty and live with it, understand complexity, ambiguity and live with it, manage all these tensions about what can happen is the main goal of risk management. Projects managing risks in an isolated way is a big risk for the organizations. By this reason the use of a clear risk management framework at program … Read more