Communicate, communicate, and communicate… This is what I do every day. If I ignore this fact 2 days it comes to me in form of a misunderstanding and then I need to repeat the message again. Sometimes I think that I do not communicate properly or that I don’t get the attention of the people … Read more

Lessons learned, it’s time to take their benefits!

We are working on a project that needs some changes. The “easy” solution for the project is perform some actions that lessons learned from previous similar projects say that this “easy” solution has negative consequences on the budget of the project. The account manager has clear that this is not the right solution, nevertheless the … Read more

PMO effectiveness

We started the delivery assurance process on the whole portfolio where the initial objective was to know the status of the projects. After we knew the general status and evolution of them, the next need at portfolio level was clear: now we can prioritize the projects and start opening relevant actions on the key projects. … Read more

Project management framework, why?

One of our clients have their own management framework, but the grade of implementation into the company is not right: they have the papers, but just that. Last week someone made me a question: Why do you consider our pm framework as something good? And my answer was simple: to not have the problems that … Read more

Sales presentation

I continue working on the material for the solutions we are working on. Preparing the sales material is an interesiting process I’m enjoying. First, I have done a presentation with a lot of slides, presenting different ideas, concepts and typical sections these material uses to have. After to review it with the solution manager, we … Read more