Communicate, communicate, and communicate… This is what I do every day.

If I ignore this fact 2 days it comes to me in form of a misunderstanding and then I need to repeat the message again.

Sometimes I think that I do not communicate properly or that I don’t get the attention of the people I talk to; but it’s not the problem, the fact is that the amount of information/decisions I get from meetings and mails is very big so I continuously need to decide if this is something I have to communicate or not.

I have developed the following mechanism to not forget it: I create a draft mail where I list all the issues/news/decisions I want to remind in the next monthly team meeting.

Once the month finishes, I review the draft agenda and I send it to the team with comments in order to help people who cannot attend the meeting.

Finally, if I get some issue during a meeting I draw on the item in the notebook something like this in order to add it when I am on my desktop.

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