ILC example on Prompt Engineering

Last week OpenAI announced “Improvements to data analysis in ChatGPT” where they are exploiting data stored in competitors silos. These silos has potential value, and they are exploited in some ways by individuals. Education of users in a “different way of doing things” continues. And again, OpenAI wants to be between User and other competitors: … Read more

Generative AI, where to start?

The Generative AI’s hype is huge (bigger than the Virtual Reality hype happened in 2021). Everybody is talking about how wonderful that is coming, but when we look into our companies… where should I start? What is the situation the companies have internally to face this challenge? My suggestion, start drawing the situation AS-IS for … Read more

Guardrails AI, interview

This is a short summary of Data Driven NYC’s interview to the co-founder and CEO of Guardrails AI Shreya Rajpal. Guardrails AI offers: Guardrails AI is a fully open source library that assures interactions with Large Language Models (LLMs). It offers The company is being build right now: A Map A Wardley Map to visually … Read more

Innovation, leverage, commoditize gameplay on LLMs providers

Innovation, leverage, commoditize is a gameplay from #wardleymaps I’m not the first one thinking that #LLM owners are using it as gameplay (OpenAI, Google, Microsoft…). But why? Right now, in May 2023 we don’t know what are the user needs in that space. I mean the user needs with details and strong volume of usage … Read more

LLMs are the new version of nuclear power.

I continue reading about LLMs and the potential power it has. And I have the feeling the LLMs are the new version of Nuclear Power. I would summarize the current situation as this: Many people is astonished about the potential of these technologies, but almost nobody is thinking about the consequences of it (few people). … Read more

AI research

Simon Wardley organized a research where using Wardley Maps and other collaborative tools we have gone through different topics that the different people were interested. The research consisted in: The exercise tries to use the collective intelligence of people with different backgrounds (technicians, psichologysts, educators… ) working together to gain awareness. The miro board looks … Read more