Prestashop Articles

Learning about Prestashop, 1.- Language switcher: How to remove drop down and display flags inline. 2.- How to add Facebook like box. 3.- Using Static Blocks To Facilitate Website Management In Prestashop. 4.- How to add static content having into account the content is in different language: {if $lang_iso == en } English text {else} … Read more

Ante el vicio de pedir, la virtud de no dar

This is a Spanish saying very used on some circumstances of daily life, specially on a work environment. I have not found a similar translation of this saying in English, but I’m sure there is one. The best translation I can do is: “In the vice of asking, have the virtue of not giving”. The … Read more

They were happy and they did not know it

“They were happy and they did not know it.”, this sentence is used by a friend who also works on IT industry. He uses it in some specific circumstances, which ones? If you work with people, you know their role, the position they have in the company, how they are respected by others, etc. On … Read more

Landing Pages

Some notes and articles I want to keep related to Landing Pages. Some useful practices: This second one contains from basis tips to more complex ones: 50 best practices on landing pages My next step is to find recommendations related to fashion land pages 🙂


We had the opportunity to visit this country, and I was surprised about so many things. We enjoyed a good time there escaping from winter. The city I enjoyed more it was Chiang Mai, the more fascinating city: Bangkok. (Ayuttahaya, landed Buddha)

Prestashop utilities

Useful tool I would like to remind. Content box: free HTML module for Prestashop that facilitate the way to create advertisement modules or other specific needs; Actions to clean cache on Prestashop: Advanced Parameters > Performance > Cache >  Clear Smarty cache & Autoload cache Layered navigation block > Indexes and caches Check if … Read more