The use of answering machine

The answering machine is a very powerful tool, you can exert different types of influence with it, or you can commit errors on the communication.

You can give a short call with your information and mention the purpose of your call.

If there is an issue where you had some e-mails going and coming back, you probably want to stop ping-pong messages that provokes a negative loop. You call, but you find the answering machine: give a large message with the strong approach you want to transmit and finish the message requesting to have a call as soon as possible.

There is people who prioritize the answering machine before the e-mail, there is people who do not take care about it (few people),so sometimes you will need to repeat the message via e-mail.

Take care giving so many messages, you will look like a jealous girlfriend.

Finally you can just hang up the telephone, and you will have nothing.

Business & IT

One of the best things when you visit customers is that sometimes you have the opportunity to talk with them about things from different perspective, you just start making a comment about something related to business in the same way you do a comment about the weather, and suddenly the other reply you with a very good story.

Last week I had a good moment like this.

This client works in a department where her team provides IT services for the business. Nothing new. Some weeks ago they were defining the strategy for next couple of years. All core people of the department were attending these workshops.

After the workshops they returned to their own office and one of the IT members did a comment complaining about the lost time during the sessions, where the business was doing their job and they could be programming instead of being listening these people.

The person doing the comment is supposed to be one of the best performers on his duties, but after some explanations about the reasons because he was there he did not understood that he was there to think about the problems of the department, provide ideas and listen about the rejected ideas to take them into account if some doubts appear in the future.

The synergy of the people with different duties, the understanding of the problems of the others, to be aware that the success of the department is due to each individual contribution and the cohesion between their members.

Unfortunately there is still too many people that thinks that this is to make the work of the others.

Online store requirements checklist

I’m evaluating some solutions for and online store, and the first step is to define a requirements checklist:

1.- General overview & look

  • Frame of the main screen can be adapted.
  • Ability to change layouts.
  • Ability to add widgets.

2.- Product form, product classification & product representation

  • Check the aspect of the views of products.
  • Check the aspect of the product sheet: magnifying glass.
  • Ability to decrease number of products.
  • Ability to add features to the products: size, color, model…

3.- Purchase process

  • Notifications for the buyer in each one of the steps given by the purchaser: you have bought, you have paid, your package has been sent.
  • Availability to define discount patterns with different options.
  • Offer methods of payments.
  • Flexible currency availability.
  • Flexible tax assignment.
  • User can purchase as anonymous or as user.

4.- Inventory

  • Check the inventory before sell.
  • Check the minimum levels required.
  • Warn administrator when inventory reach a minimum.

5.- Visualization of products

  • Show products: latest, most sold, newest, featured, searchable.
  • Ability to visualize the products in different ways.
  • Main page configurable.
  • Different type of layouts.

6.- IT requirements

  • Extended platform with a strong community.
  • Payments plugins.
  • Connection through https.
  • available templates
  • Outstanding SEO engine
  • Multi-language availability
  • A solution that the enable the addition of modules or plug-ins

A&D Acronyms

Starting working on a new industry requires some basic knowledge:

  • AOG    Aircraft On Ground
  • GPP    Generic Project Process
  • MSN    manufacturer’s serial number (an aircraft).
  • FAL      Final Assembly Line (the factory itself).
  • EASA   European Aviation Safety Agency.
  • POA     Production Organisation Approvals.


Change Management, sometimes the underestimated process

How many companies fail because of lack of change management (CM)?

Some of them underestimate it, some others do not know it exist and a big number of them that do not want to pay for it.

This last fact is more common than you think. People see value on a SAP consultant, on a Wintel operator and understand the value they produce, so they are fine paying for them.

I do not know why some people underestimate the value of a change manager and the positive effect it has on the projects. I have the feedback of a client that tells me that the CM activities are responsibility of the project manager; I agree for the small projects this is something that can be delegated on the project manager or the architect, but for complex projects or transitional projects is a key element.

I worked on a project where at the end of the inception phase, once the statement of work and the approach was defined, during the first analysis of required resources, the PM of the client told me that the change manager role was not required, that all in the plan was very clear, that all the milestones and activities where clear, why do we need a CM? Very simple my friend, the development of that complex solution with so many modules, functionality, versions and people involved require to have the right control of the software and the evolution that is having across the project.

IT projects have objectives and they are typically aligned with business objectives. The business projects require a clear management of the changes that the project team or the organization wants to implement. The lack of control of the changes and their measure is one of the most common reasons because a business project is not completed successfully.

On the other side there is other type of project approach where the CM is considered as a key asset during the whole life-cycle. If you read agile principles or SCRUM practices, you will see as there is a clear management of the changes.

I have seen people asking themselves why a project was delayed or over budgeted, with the milestones uncompleted, and in some of these times the lack management of the change is the cause.

Finanzas Personales

Este libro de Juan Palacios Raufast me lo recomendó un amigo que conoce al profesor Palacios.

Habla sobre las cuestiones anteriores a la inversión : ¿para qué quieres invertir? ¿debería invertir para tu jubilación? ¿cuánto necesitas ahorrar para tu jubilación?.

Luego hace distinción entre especulador, inversor activo e inversor pasivo. En un relato directo y sencillo te va desmontanto ideas preestablecidas y te va convenciendo de lo que no debes hacer para equivocarte.

Reglas sencillas y notas históricas sobre la banca, la inflación y experiencias malas de gente conocida que son interesantes.

Un libro muy didáctico

Access to financial services

Think about ways to access to financial services: credit card?,  go to a bank?,  computer?,  mobile?

Yes, but there is more complexity on what you can really obtain, you probably has though about perform payments or get cash. There is more!

Micro payment

  • M-Pesa
  • Vortex India

Micro insurance

  • Microensure


  • Opportunity Fund
  • Financial access birth
  • M-Kesho
  • Bill & Melinda Gates foundation


  • Kiva
  • Grammen bank

Peer to peer payments

  • Paypal
  • Zashpay
  • Alipay
  • xCommerce

In terms of power or concentration you will see so much evolution on the BRIC countries.

The intermediates are changing, the traditional bank and insurance companies are changing their way to offer the products.

There is already a big battle to be in the middle and take a piece of cent for each one of the transaction that happens today.

The risks as consumer are being redefined. You need to learn more about finance: yes, more.

There are investment banks that offer “global accounts” independently of the country you live.

Rich dad, poor dad

Someone in the office recommended me this book and some months and I did not so much attention to it, but I was looking for a book to read some weeks ago and I remembered this, easy reading, so go ahead.

Things I liked:

  • The vision about the money: make the money works for you.
  • The key is not how much you earn, it’s how much you spend.
  • He has a disruptive tome to break the mindset you have today: stop reading and act!
  • Be financially educated.

Things I did not like:

  • Sometimes there is not distinction between investment and speculation.
  • The examples are always related to real state deals, and some of them are not so much credible stories. Isn’t there any other thing?
  • Sometimes there is so much denigration on educated people and their way of live: money is important, but there are other things in live.

It was a good reading.