Online store requirements checklist

I’m evaluating some solutions for and online store, and the first step is to define a requirements checklist:

1.- General overview & look

  • Frame of the main screen can be adapted.
  • Ability to change layouts.
  • Ability to add widgets.

2.- Product form, product classification & product representation

  • Check the aspect of the views of products.
  • Check the aspect of the product sheet: magnifying glass.
  • Ability to decrease number of products.
  • Ability to add features to the products: size, color, model…

3.- Purchase process

  • Notifications for the buyer in each one of the steps given by the purchaser: you have bought, you have paid, your package has been sent.
  • Availability to define discount patterns with different options.
  • Offer methods of payments.
  • Flexible currency availability.
  • Flexible tax assignment.
  • User can purchase as anonymous or as user.

4.- Inventory

  • Check the inventory before sell.
  • Check the minimum levels required.
  • Warn administrator when inventory reach a minimum.

5.- Visualization of products

  • Show products: latest, most sold, newest, featured, searchable.
  • Ability to visualize the products in different ways.
  • Main page configurable.
  • Different type of layouts.

6.- IT requirements

  • Extended platform with a strong community.
  • Payments plugins.
  • Connection through https.
  • available templates
  • Outstanding SEO engine
  • Multi-language availability
  • A solution that the enable the addition of modules or plug-ins

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