General Electric

If you want to understand part of the story behind of the fall of General Electric, I recommend to read this article. It contains some details about the evolution of the actions done on this giant. Yes, it’s very large article, but it’s worthy time.

Wardley Map, economic exercise

This picture below was published by Simon Wardley in Twitter and clearly reflects how maps can contribute to do economic analysis of the situations you have in a given scenario. I have done some similar exercise with a plain table in excel with 2 columns with the scenario AS-IS and TO-BE, but this graphical representation … Read more


Analyzing basic data from these 2 companies I did these 2 pictures that enable me to understand a little bit better their behavior. The key is to me the long term debt, where the acquisition of Timer Warner by AT&T is making the fundamentals to be eroded. AT&T Verizon:  

Product Requirements Document (PRD)

Some notes about the PRD document. Classic outline: Introduction Purpose Background & Goals Near-term objectives Long-term objectives Stakeholders (RACI format) User profile (definition comes in MRD, a market analysis or any other source) Requirements Features Functional requirements Non-functional requirements Legal / compliance requirements UX Flow & Design Notes System & Environment KPIs Assumptions Constrains Dependencies … Read more

Los 10 Mandamientos de la Gestión de Inversiones de Mohnish Pabrai

En este podcast de Value Investing FM escuché este programa que habla de 10 El fondo cobra si se consigue beneficio. El programa de retribución del fondo debería tener un fijo muy bajo y No tengas un equipo de inversión (1 único gestor rodeado de muchos analistas). Acepta que te vas a equivocar al … Read more