Buy my time to multiply yours

I work for a company and they give me a salary. I wrote a book and every time that is sold Amazon send me a small check.

There are invested hours that are not charged in the short term, but with the possibility of being charged many times in the long term. These hours are mainly invested on personal projects I do and learning activities that I am engaged (and that I will try to turn into potential income in future).

Sometimes I have been asked for help, and some cases are useful to do it and some others are not. I have a lot of fun helping out with people that would like to take my opinion on something I know.

I have been on this business 23 years, I have been doing pitfalls so many times, I have struggled to deliver code, technical documents, projects, services, accounts, proposals and an infinite number of things. If I can help someone, why not?

Take this as an investment

Evaluate the investment and the return it represents for you. If investing your money on this hour saves you money, time, reduces potential problems or other thing, then think about it.

I have done it twice, one was a pitfall and the other time it was a great investment.

How does it work?

  • When paying you can select the day and time, although later we can change it if it suits you better.
  • You send me your ideas / doubts / questions or what you consider in which I can be useful to you.
  • We see each other and talk about the topics you have proposed me.
  • The session is 1 hour and a half and it is very likely that we will both end up with a headache.

The price is $350.

What does this includes?

  • It includes the hour and a half session,
  • plus the preparation time with the information you send me,
  • plus some additional work I will do at the end of the session to send you more information.

If no schedule fits you, write me.