Houston we have a problem in Banana Island

This is the situation, big organization with issues in an office that is located in the other part of the world. The problems started to arise since months but the main office have been ignoring, underestimating, having other priorities… But the big day came, the situation has exploded and have enough visibility to hide it. … Read more

POWr Apps

There are different vendors that offer applications for Shopify environment. I found this one very useful and easy to install, configure and use. https://www.powr.io/knowledge-base The instructions are really well documented.


I found this SaaS company, and watching their videos, I wanted to dig into more details. They are in the “Marketing Resource Management” magic quadrant. Clear pricing tables. Task management, resource management, capacity management, Gantt charts, agile project management, workflow automation… The solution looks for the major productivity at all levels: in the requirement, design, … Read more

Six Sigma handbook, Pyzdek & Keller

The cover says: “a complete guide for green belts, black belts and managers at all levels”. I agree, it’s a complete guide for the main aspects of Six Sigma. I have done internal training courses in my company related to Six Sigma: focused on DMAIC, DMADV, DFSS, and other tools. This book goes in deep … Read more

Airbus round aircraft

Airbus does around 6000 patents every year. This time, they patented an aircraft with a round space in the middle. This represents a complete different organization of the passengers, the way the access to the seats, the shape of the food carts, emergency exits… Expected benefits: save money during the manufacture phase, saving gas… By … Read more

SLDC tools

For managing the environments on a software development project we all organize environments and tools to automate the update, deployment, organization of the code within the project. Some of the more popular tools: Eclipse IDE, for writing code. Git, as Source Code Management System (SCM) to enable the developers to manage releases of code, etc … Read more

Prestashop, multistore

I am trying to configure a multistore on Prestashop I create the new environment, I configure the virtual address and I can hide modules for this specific store. I can also create categories and products. My issue: I cannot visualize the store, it only shows the top layer. There is not “body” 🙁 I … Read more


We all never know enough about security, so spending a little time looking over this website is always good. It’s common to listen a lot of news about security alerts in the form of newly found vulnerabilities. DataLossDB has been around for a long time as the data they hold testifies, it is a record … Read more