JAD workshops

Joint application design (JAD) is a process used in the life cycle area of the dynamic systems development method (DSDM) to collect business requirements while developing new information systems for a company. When I started working all you did was to see the business user or the customer and gather requirements, then figure out how … Read more

Microsoft Power BI

I have created an account to use Power BI and check how it’s working on. For small amount of data that is just managed by one person it does not make sense. You can use excel and share it through SharePoint Services. “Power BI publisher for Excel” plug-in supports this need. For specific projects where … Read more

Free Mind

FreeMind is a free mind-mapping software written in Java that I use to work with. The best thing is that is implemented to render HTML, so when you copy and paste HTML on a map, it will use the tags to organize the different levels of data. http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page  

Farm Bot

This project is interesting to me by 2 reasons, one because I trust on the idea of cultivate your own food and control the quality of what you eat; and second, because this is done in a very innovative way. https://farmbot.io/  

Six Sigma projects and professional exposure

Everybody recognizes the sales people has a lot of exposure with regards to their stability as a employees: If you don’t sell, you don’t get your bonus. If you don’t sell consistently, you are fired. A person leading a Six Sigma project where the target is to save some millions dollars for the organization has … Read more

Calentador junker

Para recordar, checklist: Comprobar que el cabezal de la bombona está bien puesto. Comprobar que el cabezal de la bombona no está roto o rajado. Limpiar el inyector de la llama piloto, Comprobar que llega gas al calentador. Códigos de error: El error E9 explica un error en la salida de gases, que puede ser … Read more