Sociocracy 3.0, common sense framework

I have been reading about common sense framework from Sociocracy 3.0, specially focusing on the Common Sense Framework that they propose. I have a model in my mind that is the Wardley Maps structure: that contains: doctrines, climatic patterns, gameplays and the cycle of strategy. So I cannot avoid the comparison to that model. Where … Read more

100 days plan for creating a Lean Portfolio

Context You are in an organization where you are driving different initiatives and they are being approved in silos, without having a strategic view about where each one of these initiatives are going on. Better understanding of the ROI of the investment is required, to keep the pace of construction is desired, understand there is … Read more

Scaled Agile Frameworks Map

The context of this map is the adoption of different organizational models in the software industry, by enterprises that decide to build instead of buying. When this shift happens they have to build their capabilities, and the way they organize the software construction is one of them. You can say: “you should have written this … Read more

Lean Agile Procurement

After attending a PMI webinar about how to improve the time to purchase on companies, I have been reading the Lean Agile Procurement (LAP) site: The LAP approach It’s summarized in this picture: The lean procurement canvas This type of visual tools are always useful to set the big picture, and I have to … Read more

Agile at Tesla

I have been watching this video from Jon Justice in Agile Munich, and I would like to conserve some notes. I have seen some other parts of similar videos, so some notes comes from other sources. Goal How to build hardware in three hours. Notes Limit the number of people in a team (no more … Read more

Scrum + XP + SAFe

I’m a big fun of Henrik Mårtensson , and this time he comes with a couple of pics that made me laugh. why do you wrap scrum over eXtreme Programming while XP has all you need? and this other one: Why eliminating the short, information rich feedback loops is considered a good thing?

Why is important DevOps for an organization that wants to implement Machine Learning initiatives?

Machine Learning projects come with a lot of complexity in terms of organization and this type of projects are not just to be a challenge for the consumption of infrastructure services, but it’s going to be a challenge to the ability of the organization to deliver in a reasonable speed. Let’s start with some basis … Read more