CV format, what is the right one?

The preference about the format, and the content of the CV is something that depends on the person reading it. Each recruiter has its preferences. Recruiters receive tonnes of CVs and they discard them quickly. This becomes more complex when you learn that some recruiters do not like CVs. A realistic scenario could be: Received … Read more

Average lifespan of S&P companies

Some areas of economy are more predictable than expected. Look at this graphic: The average life of the companies is decreasing. I guess that if we filter this data by IT companies the trend is more aggressive. I think about how the IT market is evolving, the impact of massive growth of small companies that … Read more

SAP from Unix to Linux

Reduce TCO again as reason to perform actions on a system. This is the reason to move from Unix to Linux. I learned about the project approach, and it’s already industrialized: Deliver the profile parameters of SAP environment. Export data using the export SAP standard R3Load. Request the software SAP (same version as original one). … Read more

Walterfall Vs Agile

And vice verse, because in some software areas Agile is becoming the primary methodology to build applications and pieces of software, because the cycle of delivery of versions is shorter and shorter and short cycles of delivery is what the market is demanding. They are different things itself, so we can do thousand of lists … Read more

NYC meet-ups

This week in NYC I had the opportunity to attend different meet-ups. Two of them were related to hardware, the other was related to lean management. I’m not an expert in hardware, but these two were the ones with better speakers and the quality of the speech was amazing. One of them was NY Hardware … Read more

1$ & 5 minutes technique

“I need 1 dollar and 5 minutes of your time, please if you want to support me let me know” This is the sign I posted on Facebook to try to attract people to this Kickstarter campaign I’m supporting. Once people let a comment on the entry I was sending an individual e-mail explaining the … Read more

A mobile Application for avoiding orthographic errors

Orthographic errors are more and more usual. I see them everywhere, specially in social places (Facebook, twitter, Whats-app…). If you add that the person is using the mobile phone, then, the orthographic fault is certainly common. Turn actions into games is a proven tactic to promote habits. So I imagine an application installed your mobile, … Read more

I do not recommend SharePoint

I’m sorry Mr Microsoft but I cannot recommend SharePoint. I have been seeing during the last 3 years major companies investing millions of dollars on SharePoint farms, SharePoint migration projects, tonnes of effort to go… where? …Nowhere… They have the best sales people I have seen, using the nice story that SharePoint is the natural … Read more

Shark tank for project management

Five successful business people in the same room with a video camera, entrepreneurs with their projects come in and face the challenge to convince with its project and get a deal with some of them. Exposure, this is the first thought that came to my mind the first time I watched this show. You take … Read more