Linux commands for network

I want to remember some basic commands I used while configuring the network on my laptop.

I install the network tools typing:

sudo apt install net-tools

See the name of the network typing:


I start up the network typing:

sudo ifconfig nameOfNetwork up

Operation not possible due to RF-kill

This command shows the devices availability status:

sudo rfkill list all


sudo lshw -class network

you can take note of the driver name:

driver = iwl3945

Important, check that the physical wireless button of the Lenovo is “ON”

Wavlink WN519N2 Wi-Fi Repeater

To be able to configure to Wavlink WN519N2 Wi-Fi Repeater, you have to:

  • Plug in the electricity,
  • Press reset.
  • Connect to the Wavlink wifi that is available.
  • Enter in (or
  • Enter default password “admin”
  • Enter into the “Repeater” wizard
  • Select the Wifi you want to connect and enter the password and the name of the repeater.
  • Connect to this new wifi net.
  • Select “Wifi” to set-up the network.
  • Change the password of your network
  • Enter into the again and set-up a new password for the admin.
  • Done!