Taking care of my career

All of us have to take care of our professional careers. Frequently I am asking myself what should be the next thing I would like to do?, is the current role I perform the right one at medium/long term?, Which skills do I need to have the opportunity for a desired role? Invested time by … Read more

The equation of change

I like these type of pictures, they are so clear and synthesize the whole thing. Update March 2018 I have been using this picture during the last 8 months where I have been assigned on a SWAT action. The program I was working on had a strong intertia on the “way the things are done”, … Read more

Tools for value chain mapping

I already have used these maps, and I continue drawing drafts and ideas in my notebook. The value chain maps are evolving. In one hand you can find an open site were you can create and contribute to the creation of a tool for drawing the maps. http://www.wardleymaps.com/contribute.html Update March 2018 You can find the … Read more

zurmo campaigns

We did last couple of weeks different e-mail campaigns with Zurmo and this is working very well in terms of feed backs we are receiving. The answers of the people let us classify their interest, and it helps us to improve the future communications. I miss integration with other applications, I hope this is coming … Read more

Avention integrated with SalesForce

Avention provides different corporate services related to information related to companies, which plays a significant role when working with customers, competition… They have Avention for SalesForce, which is integrated in your SalesForce environment and provides directly the data you want to capture. I love it!

Is this fraud?

After reading Flash Boys, I am interested about how the battle about “who is the faster one” evolves. This is what happens if you are a domestic trader: There are people that argues that the stock market is wrong, that it is not a fair market. There are other people which opinion is that this … Read more


The evolution of the automotive industry in the software world provoked the industrialization of the software principles; as result we have Autosar. AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the electronics, semiconductor and software industry. The AUTOSAR standard will serve as a platform upon … Read more