Taking care of my career

All of us have to take care of our professional careers.

Frequently I am asking myself what should be the next thing I would like to do?, is the current role I perform the right one at medium/long term?, Which skills do I need to have the opportunity for a desired role?

Invested time by area of expertise.

joapen-invested-timeIn 2010 I started this picture. I have used it for different reasons: send to management for applying to positions, share with HR, annual reviews with my boss… and for thinking about where I go.

To all people I sent it, by the way not too much, they appreciate how clear is the progression and the direction of my career. And they always ask about what happens in 2007.

On the right side of this picture there is a wish list of potential roles, activities, type of projects and other professional ambitions I would like to put in place.

The second main metric I started to do was this one: # hours invested in courses.

This only include formal courses with a certificate, nothing related to personal reading/learning or any other activity.

This keeps me focused to plan new training activities related to the roles/initiatives I would like to be engaged.

joapen-hours-courses-2014The third thing I also have is the parachute diagram from Which color is your parachute. This is a powerful diagram that I recommend.

Do you have any recommendation?

The equation of change

I like these type of pictures, they are so clear and synthesize the whole thing.

the-equation-of-changeUpdate March 2018

I have been using this picture during the last 8 months where I have been assigned on a SWAT action.

The program I was working on had a strong intertia on the “way the things are done”, and this was one of the main topics we wanted to change.

The picture helped me to identified what is the main reason “the change” is not happening.


Tools for value chain mapping

I already have used these maps, and I continue drawing drafts and ideas in my notebook.

The value chain maps are evolving. In one hand you can find an open site were you can create and contribute to the creation of a tool for drawing the maps.


Update March 2018

You can find the book published by Simon Wardley here: https://medium.com/wardleymaps

On the other hand, you can access to the CSC LEF site and create your own maps.


Two different ways to draw them.

Simon Wardley has also created this table with his analysis about when the evolution of different areas will provoke a massive competence in the market. I want to keep it here to  remind it in the following years. War-SWardley

snow_in_Margate(having fun cleaning snow from entrance, but horrible experience the week in NYC with temperatures below -4ºF)

zurmo campaigns

We did last couple of weeks different e-mail campaigns with Zurmo and this is working very well in terms of feed backs we are receiving.

The answers of the people let us classify their interest, and it helps us to improve the future communications.

I miss integration with other applications, I hope this is coming in the future.

Is this fraud?

After reading Flash Boys, I am interested about how the battle about “who is the faster one” evolves.

This is what happens if you are a domestic trader:

flash-boys-workingThere are people that argues that the stock market is wrong, that it is not a fair market. There are other people which opinion is that this unfairness is there since the first day the market is there.

BMC-Remedy Vs ServiceNow

Confusion and lack of data is what I see when I see people talking about what is the best solution for IT Service Desk solution.

In one side we have BMC Remedy the stronger solution of the market and on the other side we have ServiceNow as the emergent solution that is being trendy right now.

We have to separate apples from pears, neither Remedy is died neither ServiceNow is the magic solution that will solve all your troubles.

BMC Remedy,

  • BMC has maintained its position as a global leader in the IT service desk/IT service support management market.
  • BMC licenses three enterprise-oriented ITSSM products:
    • 1.- BMC Remedy ITSM Suite,
    • 2.- BMC FootPrints Service Core (licensed perpetually on-premises)
    • 3, BMC Remedyforce (licensed in the SaaS model)
  • Customers of Remedyforce and FootPrints that desire broader BMC capabilities currently do not have the same integration experience across all products in the BMC ITOM portfolio.


  • It has grown rapidly by targeting organizations as an IT service desk/ITSSM replacement solution.
  • ServiceNow was the first vendor to the ITSSM market with SaaS at scale with initial, ITIL-based incident, problem, change and configuration management automation requirements.
  • ServiceNow’s ITOM solutions are sold as additional products primarily aimed at adding value to ITSA by improving the visibility of the infrastructure environment. This is a market difference.
  • There is already a good network of developers, administrators, and partners that can build applications over the ServiceNow platform. These extensions to the core solution can be done via certified integrations and partnerships. Take care with the decision to extend the core solution, analyze deeply the investment required and the TCO.
  • The license model is clear for simple combinations, when you are combining the requirements and making them complex changes to pricing models have confused prospects and some customers, study this in detail.
  • On-premises customers pay the same as SaaS customers, even though they cover the hosting directly but do not benefit from automatic upgrades.

At the time of analyzing your situation I suggest to:

First, what main functionalities do you require? Take a look to this table,

BMC-Remedy Vs ServiceNowSecond, assess the maturity of your organization’s infrastructure and operations. Are you ready to go beyond? or you require a solution to stabilize your operations?

Third, determine readiness for a broader IT operations management tooling strategy,

  • Do I want to just cover IT Operations processes? Can I do it?
  • Do I want to cover IT Operations processes and extend to other IT processes or business processes? Can I do it?
  • Do you already have a BMP solution and it’s working fine?

Lean toward Remedy when a matured operational processes is in place and you want to align IT operations management tooling strategy beyond ITSSM with the support of a tool.

Lean toward ServiceNow when plans and requirements extend broader use of forms and workflow-based applications that support non-IT needs.

Remain open to using both Remedy and ServiceNow as respective mini-suites, an approach taken by many large, complex and mature infrastructure & operational organizations.

Perform a detailed analysis of the licensing approaches for all options to understand the short and longer-term total cost of ownership (TCO) specific to your organization.


The evolution of the automotive industry in the software world provoked the industrialization of the software principles; as result we have Autosar.

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the electronics, semiconductor and software industry.

The AUTOSAR standard will serve as a platform upon which future vehicle applications will be implemented and will also serve to minimize the current barriers between functional domains. It will, therefore, be possible to map functions and functional networks to different control nodes in the system, almost independently from the associated hardware.

Some of the members of Autosar are: PSA Peugeot Citroën, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler AG, Ford, General Motors, Bosch and Continental.

Autosar focuses on the software architecture for electronic control units (ECU) in road vehicles, their deployment to networked ECU systems in vehicles, and the configuration of the basic software in such ECUs.

EATOP is an Eclipse-based implementation of the EAST-ADL standard, which has a relationship with Autosar through Artop.

The AUTOSAR Tool Platform User Group (Artop) develops and maintains a platform with common base functionality for creating modeling tools supporting the AUTOSAR standard. Artop essentially encompasses implementations of the different releases of the AUTOSAR meta-model plus a rich set of services and components for managing and processing AUTOSAR models.

AUTOSAR-components-and-inte (Autosar components and integration)