PPM Tools

This post has help us to review the different solutions provided by the big vendors of PMO industry. We do not provide a closed or software solution, what we provide is a customized solution compose by processes, people and tools. Tools, this was one of the things that appeared in the SWOT analysis we performed. … Read more

Developing PMO Solution

In the process of developing our PMO solution there have been some interesting exercises that cleared the status of the solution: We made a SWOT analysis which allowed us to understand better our position and the things we need to improve: alternative tools, better knowledge of our local market… We calculated the price of different … Read more

Mosaicproject’s Blog,free PMP questions

Mosaicproject’s Blog published an interesting set of PMP questions, I think they are very useful, why? They are PMBok 4 aligned, The answers are very well commented, with explanations and the reference in PMBok, Some of them are related to concepts that go unnoticed when you read the book. First try I only made 50%, … Read more

Collaboration: a devaluated word

If you have some special knowledge the common sense says that this is something you should share with your colleagues in order to help them on their work, delivery or whatever they do. That’s fine, but do not overload these clever guys doing your work. If you want to “collaborate” with them, provide a project … Read more