Kodify.net + pine script

This place is the best source of help I found for learning details and reviewing examples of Pine Script code for tradingview indicators and strategies: https://kodify.net/tradingview-programming-articles/ (For my poor memory)

tradingview pine limit

I am trying to write a script on Pine (related to a Tradingview strategy) where I want to use the series and take the previous value or past values to make a set of operations. Something as: a = if(Alerta1[-1] == 5, 10,0) the pine script is saved without error, but during the execution, an … Read more

Value Line Geometric Index

The american market (I focus on S&P 500) has recuperated 40% of the value since March where it touch the minimum value. It’s an impressive “come back” while the macro economy data is showing terrible numbers about unemployment, consumption, industrial production…. The economy and the market are driving themselves in the opposite direction. So, so … Read more

Design Thinking Process

A process cycle based in a 5 stages: Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test Empathize Objective: Understand customers’ needs Deep insight into what they need and expect from the solution/product Activities Engage with stakeholders Use innovative methods to collect information Understand the problem/need Record observation to answer what, how, and why Guidelines to follow: Adopt appropriate … Read more


I am participating on different forums and some of them are built with this open source software called: Discourse. From usability point of view it’s the best one I am using. It’s not only the look and feel, it’s the sequence of information offered, the access to the already read threads, and many little details … Read more