The natural growth of processes

All of us have had the opportunity to see how a person, for instance Sam, with some technical skills and desire (or need) of implementing some technical tool that avoids them doing some repetitive task.Sam is responsible of doing it manually, but he quickly creates a spreadsheet where he implements all needs he has. In … Read more

Web Trainings

This week I have assited to a Web training where all participants connect to different virtual places with Sametime and with the phone. The course was composed by 2 teams: red & blue. Once a explanationwas finished, we have to change to our team room in order to do the exercises. After that, we check … Read more


Discover the motivations that each member of the team has with respect the team, him/her self, the company… is a complex process that takes time. With some of the people is easier than others but nevertheless when you think that you know somebody, suddenly you can note you are wrong. After these 4 months working … Read more

Project Office Manager Archetype

I have been researching information from different places about the role of the PMO in an organization. This article simplifies the roles in 4 archetypes: Scorekeeper, Facilitator, Quarterback, Perfectionist. Other point of view and a simplification that now, looking at the square, I see me jumping from one box to the other, depending of the … Read more

Scheduling in age of Complexity (by Mosaic)

One of the recommendations well described in the previous commented paper: “…If the worker beleives an activity’s duration is reasonable even if it’s optimistic and the person remains properly motivated, they will change their behaviour to achieve the strech target and consequently change the outcome…” About the role of the schedule in a project: “The … Read more