MapAthon, first contest

Warning: this is a contest, come if you are willing to proactively participate. If you are just willing to listen, better stay home. What is this about? Prompt Engineering helps in many aspects of work, and to build maps is not an exception.How can we create Wardley Maps with the existing prompt engineering solutions?What is … Read more

ILC example on Prompt Engineering

Last week OpenAI announced “Improvements to data analysis in ChatGPT” where they are exploiting data stored in competitors silos. These silos has potential value, and they are exploited in some ways by individuals. Education of users in a “different way of doing things” continues. And again, OpenAI wants to be between User and other competitors: … Read more

Your new car is 100% yours

10 years ago, you purchased a car and 100% of the car was yours. This is not true anymore. You do not own the software of your car, you only have the usufruct. Is the car owner aware of this? Platform “enshitification” has consequences on digital platforms, but will extend to physical world when software … Read more

The Arc Product-Market Fit Framework

This framework created by Sequoia is described here. The article is very interesting, I suggest you to read it if this is an interesting topic to you (because you work in Venture Capital or if you are trying to seeking financing). Finding product-market fit is key for every early-stage startup. Sequoia walks founders through this … Read more

Technical Debt Analysis

This is a set of conversations I had with Dave and Andrey about Technical debt, where we have been trying to explore the use of Estuarine Mapping. Session 1, starting the exercise We have defined some assumptions: We have started with a list of classic technical debt reasons, but after reviewing it, we have defined … Read more

Process Mining at Celonis

While watching this event from Data Driven NYC called “Bootstrapping a Decacorn on $15k with Celonis CEO Alex Rinke“. I have been taking some notes and ended reading “Process Mining for Dummies” book. Basic actions on processes Celonis divides between: Engagement types: Mining Tools During the video Alex Rinke comment some important aspects about the … Read more

Crypto ETFs

The story of the ETFs linked to cryptos started in 2013 with the first formal request. It was done by Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, proposed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. They requested it 7 times starting in 2013: all rejected. The ones that have obtained the approval now have been: My initial thoughts My initial thoughts … Read more

Use cases: when a disruptor shows up

Background Technological disruption is something that happens from time to time. Right now all people is focused on Generative-AI and many people seem to be lost looking at what is going to happen. We don’t really know, accept the uncertainty and stop doing linear correlations with simplistic things as “Gen-AI is going to improve the … Read more