Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Theory

In Wardley Maps we have Pioneers, settlers and town planners model, where it’s recognized the need of having people organized not only by their capabilities, but by their attitudes too. Looking for other stuff, I just found the the Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Theory where there are 3 attitudes identified: innovators, bridges and adaptors. Main point is: … Read more

Equation of innovation for a software product (b2c)

Background and purpose This Wardley map tries to visualize how innovation and learning process can potentially work on a software organization with a high amount of users. These type of organizations understand that the learning process and the acceptance of a controlled level of failure is key to face the uncertainly and finally innovate. I … Read more

Zalando, a Wardley map about how they play the game

This map is a draft map I did just checking the different web sites Zalando has for different purposes. This company continues evolving and gaining presence in the online retail business in Europe, and to understand the culture, main components, and other features is something I wanted to understand. The map Let’s start with the … Read more

Strategy videos

This post is a collection of videos where I’m participating or driving some 2020 December = In Spanish , Revisemos mapas de Wardley, with Gerard Chiva. 2021 September = Wardley Mapping: Managing your career, with Krzysztof Daniel.

“Thinking fast and slow” in companies: how to use systems 1 and 2 proposed by Daniel Kahneman to find out prevailing doctrines in an organization

Thinking fast and slow It’s the title of a book written by Daniel Kahneman. Actually it’s a thesis on decision making and behavior when making decisions of an economic and social nature … Daniel Kahneman worked for many years alongside his colleague Amos Tversky. They studied many heuristics. Daniel won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1992 and … Read more