Twitter shop

Today I realized you can shop in Twitter: There are 2 main time lines right now in Twitter: The shop is offered when you look for something and there are products offered. Let’s see how these products are shown in other sides of Twitter. More than probably the shopping options will be offered in the … Read more

Twitter’s API restricted

Other move of Twitter related to content & access restriction: the APIs. Popular 3rd party Twitter clients (i.e.: Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Echofon…) stopped working on January 12 Many questions around this move Popular third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and Echofon stopped working at around 11 PM ET on Thursday, January 12. Updated Wardley map The different actions taken … Read more

New Twitter functionality: “for you”

During these days, the header of twitter’s users have a new space where they can see something like this: By default: “For you” that is a mixture of your followers content plus recommendations done by Twitter. On the right “following” that by the moment, it seems to contain the timeline that Twitter users are used … Read more

Exploring outside the Wardley Map space

The space of a Wardley Map is the competitive market. Simon divides this space in 4 stages, and he always comment how the definition took him around 6 months of work and thousand of data points. When Simon is asked about what is outside of a Wardley Map he just says there are 2 spaces: … Read more

Web versions

This post is a set of notes where I add information about the different versions of the web: Web 1.0, Web 2.0… Table for different versions This is not too much creative as there are many tables as the one I have created below, but this one summarizes the main concepts. Wardley map of versions … Read more

Virtual mapping conversation about Twitter

John Grant challenge the Wardley Map community to use an architecture diagram shared by E. Musk. The challenge was to Map Twitter’s architecture diagram from different perspectives. To me this is the second time I stop to think about this. In April, when rumors about the Twitter acquisition were spreading through the news, I did … Read more

Computer Assisted Translations Tools (CAT Tools)

Background Professional translation services have evolved from different angles. Many computer assisted programs enable automatic translations of generic texts, but for specific niche such medicine, pharmacy, scientific papers, or any other field, you need to perform a professional translation in other way. Manual translation is something unusual, as there are tools that help the “Translator” … Read more