Why is important DevOps for an organization that wants to implement Machine Learning initiatives?

Machine Learning projects come with a lot of complexity in terms of organization and this type of projects are not just to be a challenge for the consumption of infrastructure services, but it’s going to be a challenge to the ability of the organization to deliver in a reasonable speed. Let’s start with some basis … Read more

Is tourism coming back to Seville?

The purpose of this article is to analyze how the decisions to come back to travel and visit the city of Seville (Spain) is being made in a volume that enables the local businesses to start up the reopening of their businesses.

Machine Learning: map and players

This post is a mix review of Machine Learning type of solutions the market offers, and a quick review of some players I have in my mind. Machine Learning Wardley Map Components: Machine Learning can be used by companies and individuals. The B2B and B2C is important when you look at the perspective that many … Read more

6 reasons to learn Wardley Maps in a start-up

Because it is a way of representing the context where your niche solution gives value and that’s important for your sponsor or potential sponsor. Because it helps you understand what others are doing, especially your competitors. Because by analyzing your competitive environment you can learn to better detect the real behavior movements of your user. … Read more

The World of videogames

This entry is made with the help of the Value Investing FM program , during the interview with Andrei Trucmel (Twitter @R_yZyy) and with the “Buy the Dip” program during the interview with @krevix (Twitter). Sorry the interviews are in Spanish. In case you want to read it in Spanish, you can do it here. … Read more

Apple product evolution

Disclaimer: this is not a Wardley map!! This is a graphic representation of the products commercialized by Apple, adding some information that helps us to gain perspective. I have classified them by the nature of software technologies, simplifying it too much. This is the graph: Each product has been represented since its first release till … Read more

Nokia Product evolution

This is not a Wardley Map, but a graphic representation of the products commercialized by Nokia during last 20 years. I have classified them by major software type of technologies, simplifying it too much. I’m not taking into account the hardware and semiconductor technologies that they really are so much important, and the reason to … Read more