10 Good Manufacturing Practice rules

Ten suitable GMP ‘rules’, to be used for staff training: Good-Manufacturing-Practice

  1. Confirm you are trained and have correct written instructions before starting any job.
  2. Follow instructions exactly.
  3. Report errors and bad practices immediately.
  4. Ensure you have the right materials before you start a job.
  5. Use the correct equipment for the job, confirm its status and cleanliness.
  6. Maintain good segregation. Protect against contamination.
  7. Work accurately, precisely and methodically.
  8. Maintain good standards of cleanliness and tidiness.
  9. Ensure changes are pre-approved (through the change control system).
  10. Do not make assumptions – check it out.

New portfolio, new challenges

I took a new portfolio of accounts and services within a team of 8 account managers. The nature of the services/projects and the fact we are covering 4 industries and more than 70 customers makes the environment very diverse.

My main challenges for the first 3 months are:

  • Evaluate the financial situation of each account.
  • Understand the account plans for major accounts and define tactical plans for key accounts.
  • Close small accounts that do not provide enough margins.
  • Launch a program (fix or close) on all accounts to improve the margins we have today.
  • Analyze with the delivery teams what are the skills and capabilities we have.
  • Build with the PMO a exhaustive project revision of major projects.
  • Organize with business operations account reviews.
  • Understand from finance what are the major issues we have and put in place an action plan to solve them.
  • Analyze the coming new FY targets and understand the gap with respect the forecast and the backlog we already have.
  • Understand who is who in the team and after that define targets to the team.

SalesForce Trailhead Admin Beginner

In November 2015 I completed SalesForce Trailhead Developer Beginner. Now, during Christmas time I was able to complete the main challenges of the Admin beginner. And finally, during January I completed it.

To me this course was easier than the one related to development: so much configuration activities and the challenges are easier.

The big challenge to complete the training was one of the challenges. The checker was not working fine. After opening a question on the trailhead forum, I was contacted by a developer who was checking my development environment. After some checks, he noticed that the there were some elements that I could not see anymore, and by that reason the challenge checker was not working. I created a new DE Org, I completed the challenge from scratch and it worked.

Next one?? any suggestion?SFDC-Trailhead-Admin-Beginner