Mapping sudoku: inventory dynamics

Purpose The purpose of this exercise is to use a Wardley Map to learn more about the dynamics that the changes in user demand provokes to our ability to serve these physical products. The context is on the physical product space. You have to think about a product that is delivered physically to an user. … Read more

Mapping sudoku, identifying doctrines

Purpose Work on the habits of a given organization and learn to identify the stage where a company is Table of doctrines and its phases Simon Wardley identifies 4 major phases of a company/organization in terms of the proposed list of doctrines, they are: Exercise Feedback Many thanks, any constructive feedback is welcome.

Mapping sudoku: exashustive inertia analysis

Purpose Many times, in a Wardley Map we look for the move in terms of evolution. This time the exercise is just the opposite: why components do not evolve. The goal of the exercise is to identify the major reasons to have aversion to change (inertia) in a landscape (a map). The exercise forces you … Read more

Strategy Exercise: Basic Competitive analysis

Purpose Comparing the relative position of your company with respect other two competitors. Tips You have the template below. Drawing & thinking Steps Set-up Draw the basis Competitor Mapping Loop Think about three companies: your company and two competitors. Note: the template is prepared for 3 companies, but if the reader considers that adding more … Read more