15 minutes call, rules

You organize daily calls and you try to make them effective and efficient. Define the purpose and clear ground rules help to complete them on these 15 minutes.

Objective: What did we do yesterday/today, What will we do today/tomorrow, what is blocking us?

Agenda: We will use the action list to drive our agenda.


  • All feedback and comments are welcome.
  • We must not go off topic.
  • We must not discuss at length these actions, but focus on the 3 questions.
  • We will confirm support and awareness of the action list.
  • We will attend all the calls, or as many as possible.
  • If we cannot attend a call we will send a short update.
  • We will be sensitive to other priorities.
  • We will hold the call at a mutually agreeable time of day.
  • Please accept my apologies if I missed a key contributor from the list.

Attendees: limited to people who has to work on the action list or are directly involved on the project.


POLDAT contains the basic aspects of a contract, independently of the nature, environment or magnitude.

It’s an useful tool to enable everybody to work on all aspects of the initiative. For major initiatives, all is included and nobody forgets any of these aspects. For small initiatives, the use of POLDAT as guidance for the definition of an initiative force the person writing it to think about all aspects of the customer needs.

By this reason and others, I would add “E” from experience to the POLDAT. This will enable to have on the first level of requirements the need to understand the “experience” expected by the user or by any stakeholder. These questions need to be done in the beginning of all these processes. This is key value in the Digital Transformation shift we are working on. And “E” should be always in our minds.

You probably will argue that “experience” should be defined as part of the “P” process. But to me, right now this is a limitation that does not give the importance of the experience for the customer.

We should be asking things as:

  • When a customer reach you, how should s/he interact with you?
  • How is the experience today? how should it be tomorrow?
  • Do you know when your customer needs you? How can we make you to be there?