Digital Transformation blueprint

The digital transformation journey is complex and you can easily lose yourself looking for alternatives and going back and forth without results. What is what we call “digital”? Let’s start first on what is what everybody calls digital. The business is business and this has not changed, what has changed is the context, and by … Read more

Provide discovery for free

IT consulting companies provide a wide portfolio of solutions where there are basically a discovery phase and an implementation phase. I’m referring to consulting areas, not to products that reproduce reports based on input information. Some companies give it for free. The two main arguments are simple: If you understand in deep the problem your … Read more

What is “value”?

Value is a perception, your clients see you by the value you provide, not by the amount of hours you work. I’m not inventing the wheel but I have repeated this basic statement more than I thought. Look at the things you do from the “value” point of view, in short term you will deliver … Read more

The perfect storm on an opportunity

You are evaluating an opportunity and all the different components of the opportunity are there. The customer has a pain, you have the right solution and some technical people understanding the issue working for them. You know you can build the solution in a couple of weeks, that you are competitive in that niche. You … Read more

Dancing with procurement

Some notes for reminding when you are dancing with your customer procurement department. This is pure negotiation, there is not IT or project logic at this point. There are conditions and a transaction in place. The customer IT lead that requested you the offer, is not the decision maker for a while. He will be … Read more

Capabilities & Credibility

You have a sales catalogue, know people who perform some of these solutions and the people behind this delivery. But with respect your customer, do you have the necessary credibility? has your customer confidence on your acquired commitments? The capabilities of your company can be bad or good, but they will be there for a … Read more