Visit Customers, real life

I had a basketball coach that always repeated to us: One game is equivalent to five training sessions, you guys are more concentrated and pay more attention to all, the productivity you have is huge. The evolution of the players just training is poor, this is not real life. This was the reason because he … Read more

Changing the direction of the trend

We finished the year with less revenue than budgeted. These are not good news but the positive evolution in terms of new deals and recently signed contracts is doing the behaviour to be better for this first half of the year than expected (or budgeted if you want). There are some basic reasons: We are … Read more

What a customer looks for?

Suddenly I’m your customer, what am I looking for? You are prepared: do you know your/my industry, you know the business processes, what is/isn’t valuable for us, our priorities, our business initiatives. You know my company: who we are, how we approve/reject projects, where we are investing, who is who. You demonstrate initiative: Be proactive … Read more


We have been working on this opportunity during more than one year. There was an assessment phase as first stage.After this assessment phase there is potentially the technical upgrade project. The negotiations activities done and the way we have adapted our proposal to the customer requirements have been the necessary ones that have made that … Read more

I’m late but…

I have been working on an opportunity where I’m really late. We are not going to win this one, but this work is helping me to move some contacts and being recognized by the customer as a vendor that can provide different things apart of the standard things we deliver. So, it’s not summing up … Read more

Wabi sabi

I have been some months working on this: Finally I obtained the approval to move to production on 15 September. I write the date, because is something I want to remind, it will be useful for future. What was the most difficult thing to achieve this web page? To find a convenient hosting service? … Read more

You requested a project not a simple technical action

Looking into information about SharePoint My Sites I have found this excellent article that talks about the lack of understanding that some customers have about the meaning of the installation of a tool, a feature or the effort needed to have something done. Implementing SharePoint MySites: A Project in Itself: We have received this … Read more