We have been working on this opportunity during more than one year.

There was an assessment phase as first stage.After this assessment phase there is potentially the technical upgrade project.

The negotiations activities done and the way we have adapted our proposal to the customer requirements have been the necessary ones that have made that our offer was accepted and keeping competitor out of the picture. A good balance between LCC team and experienced people on the account made the difference.

Reach the moment to resource the project and taking into consideration the specific details required by the customer with regards some of the people of the team we reached the point where a resource manager did want to keep one of these resources on other position.

This was not a resourcing issue where we have to replace one skilled person by other one. This is a client relationship issue where the customer is trusting on us to achieve this project activities with an agreed conditions that now cannot be achieved.

We cannot understand in which moment the resource management team misunderstood how important was to have that specific person on board and why they committed to do it when there were other imperatives on the table.


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