Zurmo upgrade 2.8.6-3.0.4

On CPanel, there is an upgrade available for Zurmo. I have tried to execute it and it returns me the following message of error:

The following errors were found :
Could not complete Zurmo upgrade phase 1 2.7.3-2.8.6
Could not complete Zurmo upgrade 2.7.3-2.8.6
Could not complete Zurmo upgrade phase 1 2.8.6-3.0.4
Could not complete Zurmo upgrade 2.8.6-3.0.4

I have today the version 2.8.5.

I have checked the upgrade folder and the upgrade zip is there with the following name:

What could be the problem?

Do I need to have first the upgrade from 2.8.5 to 2.8.6?

Zurmo, creating your own report through SQL

I’m having an issue with the execution time of the scripts in Zurmo so I have created the following SQL statement to extract the data I need:

SELECT `contact`.`id` contactid, `contact`.`companyname` companyname, `person`.`firstname` firstname, `person`.`lastname` lastname, `email`.`emailaddress` emailaddress, `address`.`state` state
FROM `contact`
INNER JOIN `person` ON `person`.`id` = `contact`.`person_id`
INNER JOIN `email` ON `email`.`id` = `person`.`primaryemail_email_id`
INNER JOIN `address` ON `address`.`id` = `person`.`primaryaddress_address_id`
`contact`.`state_contactstate_id` != ‘7’
OR (
`contact`.`state_contactstate_id` != ‘8’
) limit 900 offset 0

Issue exporting Zurmo report, maximum execution time exceeded

I have an issue with Zurmo and I still have not been able to fix it.

The issue occurs when I try to export a big report into .CSV file. It returns this error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/username/public_html/ws/app/protected/core/models/RedBeanModel.php on line 1279

I have done the following steps below to change the max_execution_time, but it still the execution of the report in Zurmo still shows 30 seconds limit.

1.- I modified the php.ini file

  1. Locate and edit the php.ini file.
  2. Modify max_execution_time = 300
  3. Save Changes.

2.- I made the php.ini file “recursive”, so it affects to all child folders as well.

  1. I edited .htaccess file
  2. Added the line code in the first line of the file: suPHP_ConfigPath /home/username/public_html
  3. Refreshed the phpinfo.php page in other public folder, and I have seen the changes reflected there.


  • A cleaned .htaccess file should not have any lines that begin with “php_value” and “php_flag”. If so, you need to move these lines to the php.ini file.

It works!

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Zurmo max_execution_time

I was trying to export data with Zurmo but I obtained a time out exception. On the file phpinfo() the max_execution_time is set to 30 seconds, which is not enough for exporting around 1000 contacts from Zurmo.

You need to increase this max_execution_time parameter, depending on your server capabilities.

Zurmo non-sent e-mails

When I do massive use of a campaign, I have sometimes the problem that some e-mails are not sent.

There is not user report that enables you to get them, so I have gone through phpMyAdmin to find and analyze them. The table used are:

1.- e-mail messages not sent:

SELECT * FROM`emailmessage`WHERE`sentdatetime`isnull

2.- Select specific campaign items:

SELECT * FROM`campaignitem`WHERE`campaign_id`=’27’

I have removed the emailmessages without sentdatetime and its respective campaignitem.

Campaigns status values

  • Active = 2
  • Processing = 3
  • Completed = 4

zurmo campaigns

We did last couple of weeks different e-mail campaigns with Zurmo and this is working very well in terms of feed backs we are receiving.

The answers of the people let us classify their interest, and it helps us to improve the future communications.

I miss integration with other applications, I hope this is coming in the future.

Zurmo, campaigns execution: typical problems

When working with massive Zurmo campaigns of marketing, I have learned some tips I want to remind.

Rows and columns report

This article summarizes so much well what to do. Important the point that says: It is important that the report that you create has to be “rows and columns report”.


Once the template, the list and the campaign is ready, I have to launch the following Zurmo Jobs:

  1. Generate campaign items: with one execution is enough.
  2. Process campaign messages: click several times till the whole list is added. In my case the job only includes 100 records per execution.
  3. Process Outbound Email Job: this one took some minutes to complete the execution.
  4. Mark campaigns as completed: in this way you ensure there will not be any other e-mail being sent from this campaign.

Time limit

Script will run at most for 500 seconds (8,3 minutes, so if it continues running, check it).


After executing the Process Outbound Email Job, sometimes I have received this error message:

Attempted to send the message 1 times but an error occurred: Error Code: 0 Error Message: Expected response code 250 but got code “”, with message “”.

the root cause is the password of the e-mail address in the configuration is not right.

Un-subscribed people

When someone is un-subscribed from a campaign, it is convenient to remove from the list and set the status of that contact as “no campaigns”. In future lists you should not include the contacts with this status, and if you use the same list the data will be clean (you will not disturb your customers).