Project approach for a Machine Learning project

The project approach is defined by the lifecycle of the solution, and here I will focused just on the machine learning side of the project (other sections as infrastructure, education, operations…) will not be reviewed here. What is the lifecycle of a Machine Learning solution? The lifecycle is sequential and in reality is can be … Read more

Technical Program Manager

This article is very good in some aspects of definition of this role from the point of view of organizations that are “product” centered. Then there is a problem to me, I have no clue how the author defines “program” (I’m asking about it). The main picture is this one: Amazon Technical Program Manager Some … Read more

SAFe Scaled Agile Framework

Time to learn, time to read, now working on a deal where the customer is implementing their own version of SAFe. There are a lot of documentation and intelligence on all of this, very interesting time learning about it. Something I do not like is that is a closed community, I understand that organizations need … Read more

Program management skills

Reading the Standard for Program Management book and other sources of data for program management I found something interesting about the skills that a program manager has to have. You will find in the main lists of skills things like: Communications skills, stakeholders engagement skills, leadership skills, change management skills, Leading with ambiguity, analytical skills, … Read more

Program Activities

Program activities are tasks and work conducted to support a program and which contribute throughout the program life cycle. The program activities that support program management and governance include: Program Change Management, Program Communications Management, Program Financial Management, Program Information Management, Program Procurement Management, Program Quality Management, Program Resource Management, Program Risk Management, Program Schedule … Read more

Program Life Cycle Management

Program Life Cycle Management performance domain facilitates effective program definition, program delivery, and program closure. These components may include projects, subsidiary programs, and additional program-related activities that are necessary to achieve the specified goals and objectives. Since programs, by nature, involve a certain level of uncertainty, change, complexity, and inter-dependency among the various components, it … Read more

Program Governance

Program governance, enables and performs program decision making, establishes practices to support the program, and maintain program oversight. comprises the framework, functions, and processes by which a program is monitored, managed, and supported in order to meet organizational strategic and operational goals. Program Manager, has management responsibilities to ensure that the program is run within the … Read more

Program Stakeholder Engagement

What is a stakeholder? A stakeholder is an individual, group, or organization that may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project, program, or portfolio. Balancing stakeholder interests is important, considering their potential impact on program benefits realization or the inherent conflicting nature of … Read more