ECHA Summary of Work Programme 2011

A summary of key objectives for 2011. ECHA key objectives: First, the Agency needs to publish online the information from REACH registrations and CLP notifi cations. It is an enormous task to make scientifi c information as accessible as possible. Second, ECHA will evaluate the quality of the data of at least 5% of the … Read more


I summarize some links I want to remind. I did a comment on a Glen B. Alleman’s post, Glen clarified me some differences on WBS and OBS that were explained in detail here. WBS is oriented to product and the earned value. OBS is oriented to people working on the project. The intersection between product … Read more

How Project Managers are assigned

Usually, project managers are assigned to a project from the beginning to the end. This strategy has its advantages as continuity and strenght relationships with stakeholders. However, there are other ways to assign project managers. A program manager should consider assigning a more senior PM for the kick-off or initiation phase of a project to … Read more

Stakeholder Management

Some lines extracted from The handbook of Program Management by James T Brown. Stakeholder management involves everything necessary to control relationships with all individuals the program impacts or affects in order to ensure the achievement of program objectives. Program managers must mentor & coach projects managers in terms of stakeholder management. “Hell hath no fury … Read more