Sales complaints against the new CRM solution

With SalesForce recently implemented as CRM solution in the organization, I have seen the two major teams complaining about the situation: Business department (sales), argues that the solution itself is not useful, and that it does not cover all sales needs of the sales people. IT organization, argues that the capabilities that exist in the … Read more

Planning and controlling transition

The sample below comes in the managing successful programmes book. The diagram describes a simple example showing outputs, transition management and benefits realization. Benefit baseline measurement, done during the development of the blueprint to understand how we go from the situation “as-is” to the desired state “to-be”. Output, the project has been delivered. which is … Read more

Program Control

A Program is controlled from different axis and these controls are required by different stakeholders. To attend all of them in a efficient way requires understanding of all this. Program control is a process composed by activities where corporate group ask about the evolution of the program in one area (Finance, legal, quality assurance…). This … Read more

MSP, Benefits management

Programs are primary driven to deliver benefits, this is done by projects that create outputs, which builds capabilities, which transition into outcomes that serve the purpose of realizing benefits. I created this template based on the principles mentioned on the Managing successful Programs, so I can use for guidance during the execution of the programs:  … Read more

Program organization and its own transformation

Programs evolve as all in life, mainly because the different phases of a program requires different skills, teams, and resources. We go from a high degree of ambiguity in the inception phase, progressing and gaining shape during the definition, moving to a delivery mode during the execution and “get the job done” during the closing. … Read more

Behavioral attributes on program management

Cranfield University did a research related to behavioral attributes of the leaders when working on programs. The summary table of this research is added to the Managing Successful Programs book. Attitude and aptitudes of leaders are summarized in a scale from 1 to 4, where 4 represents more awareness and capacity to lead the complexity … Read more

Communications curve

Attending a Program Executive course where communications with customer and with internal teams was discussed. So many concepts were reviewed about efficient communication and how to plan and execute it. This complex discipline that you need to practice everyday, independently of the talent you have. Set a clear goal, understanding of the audience, measure the … Read more

ECHA Summary of Work Programme 2011

A summary of key objectives for 2011. ECHA key objectives: First, the Agency needs to publish online the information from REACH registrations and CLP notifi cations. It is an enormous task to make scientifi c information as accessible as possible. Second, ECHA will evaluate the quality of the data of at least 5% of the … Read more


I summarize some links I want to remind. I did a comment on a Glen B. Alleman’s post, Glen clarified me some differences on WBS and OBS that were explained in detail here. WBS is oriented to product and the earned value. OBS is oriented to people working on the project. The intersection between product … Read more