Machine Learning: map and players

This post is a mix review of Machine Learning type of solutions the market offers, and a quick review of some players I have in my mind. Machine Learning Wardley Map Components: Machine Learning can be used by companies and individuals. The B2B and B2C is important when you look at the perspective that many … Read more

6 reasons to learn Wardley Maps in a start-up

Because it is a way of representing the context where your niche solution gives value and that’s important for your sponsor or potential sponsor. Because it helps you understand what others are doing, especially your competitors. Because by analyzing your competitive environment you can learn to better detect the real behavior movements of your user. … Read more

Next Generation EU

These are some notes about these funds that are being launch by European Union. This document is the briefing of the plan. Right now (February/2021) the funds are being negotiated by countries and EU. There are different projects being presented by the governments and the EU, where the EU will support these proposed initiatives within … Read more