Vacations ended

Every year when I come back to the office after vacations it takes me sometime to get my mind focused and working as expected.

I don’t know way but this year it took me more time to have my mind again onboard.

have been these vacations better than other years? is it because I’m older?

I don’t know, but it’s nice to remind better times.

Someone said: the job is the vicious of the poor people. I agree.

Time to relax

One conversation I had some months ago:

  • colleague: My son has painted my laptop
  • me: which one?
  • colleague:the one who is 4 years old,
  • me: really??
  • colleague: I asked him about it and he replied that his brother did it.
  • me: did you beleive him?
  • colleague : no, his brother is 6 months old

The proof: