IT Strategy Director

This role is one of my aspirations to work in near future. I have been working on IT industry for 21 years on different roles and I have invested on learning about strategy for so long, as this strategic view of the work enabled me to succeed on my duties. The title name? it could … Read more

Metaverse Transformation

This will probably be trend in the future, or maybe not. My bet is that this concept of “metaverse transformation” will be a meme topic and a marketing word used by consulting companies.

“Thinking fast and slow” in companies: how to use systems 1 and 2 proposed by Daniel Kahneman to find out prevailing doctrines in an organization

Thinking fast and slow It’s the title of a book written by Daniel Kahneman. Actually it’s a thesis on decision making and behavior when making decisions of an economic and social nature … Daniel Kahneman worked for many years alongside his colleague Amos Tversky. They studied many heuristics. Daniel won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1992 and … Read more