Nowadays it’s an overused word, you will find corporation speeches using this word 50 times because it shows a dynamic organization that is leading the market. Almost everybody is used to read between lines these corporate speeches, and you can feel that the use of the rhetoric is excessive: “hey guy!, isn’t that an oxymoron?” … Read more

Business Process Reengineering

Passion for strategy and tactics comes from different origins, some people find it playing chess, some other have a natural talent; in my case the interest comes from the days I played basketball. Companies are in continuous change, and the way they are re-organized is something it always fascinates me. Business change and that makes … Read more

Cost of poor quality, but how much?

Techniques, there are different techniques and components that once they are summed, you can calculate the cost of poor quality. Criteria, it is very important to define the criteria and highlight the arguments that compounds the measure of the COPQ. This calculation generates always controversy because depending of the components used it will point to … Read more

What is “value”?

Value is a perception, your clients see you by the value you provide, not by the amount of hours you work. I’m not inventing the wheel but I have repeated this basic statement more than I thought. Look at the things you do from the “value” point of view, in short term you will deliver … Read more

eTalks – The Secrets of Food Marketing

eTalks – The Secrets of Food Marketing This is a 6:58 minutes video about marketing and how they manage the behavior in their favor for achieving their goals. The conclusion is ingenious: the power of willful ignorance cannot be overstated. On my side I continue trying to eat as much organic food from local people … Read more

IT Portfolio manager, role and responsibilities

The role Monitoring and reporting on the various accounts under the portfolio. The primary focus is on the financial management (P & L Owner and Financial Forecasting) of these accounts and the delivery is done aligned successfully (projects, services and customer satisfaction). Enable Growth of Applications business, cross & up sell offerings in existing and … Read more

Manufacturing sub-groups

I have been reading a report from IDC related to the manufacturing industry, and one of the things, I liked was the categorization done based on what it is that drives the cadence of the business and the associated supply chain. These sub-groups are: Asset – oriented value chains are characterized by large investments in … Read more

Supply chain and the demand headache

Supply chain organizations can benefit from greater visibility into the cadence of  demand. The problem is that the cadence of the demand is sometimes not clear or you cannot build a demand pattern to take advantage. By this reason, you can find businesses that defend the idea of using demand signals to run production strategies, … Read more