Business Process Reengineering

Passion for strategy and tactics comes from different origins, some people find it playing chess, some other have a natural talent; in my case the interest comes from the days I played basketball.

Companies are in continuous change, and the way they are re-organized is something it always fascinates me. Business change and that makes that organizations has to adapt to these changes. Sooner or later the way they are organized need a change, and it is here when the re-organization process jump into scene. How to do it?

Business Process Reengineering is the answer for so many of the big corporations, The reengineering revolution (Hammer & Stanton) is the more popular manifesto about it. You will find it implemented through BPM, ERP, Six Sigma…

The day you find people in your company signing their e-mails with names like “BPO”, then you can say that Enterprise Process Solution principles have been implemented.


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