SalesForce Trailhead Admin Beginner

In November 2015 I completed SalesForce Trailhead Developer Beginner. Now, during Christmas time I was able to complete the main challenges of the Admin beginner. And finally, during January I completed it. To me this course was easier than the one related to development: so much configuration activities and the challenges are easier. The big … Read more

TCO of use of SalesForce

I have so much questions about the SalesForce TCO. I have search about this topic in the internet and there is not so much about it. The perspective: looking at Portfolio Manager view. The context. The environment we are talking about is a global organization with multiple business units where each one have different use … Read more

MVC pattern + DevOps + agile = SaaS developer

This equation is so simple, there are transferable skills that can be used in different platforms. MVC pattern + DevOps + agile = SaaS developer In the market, companies working on SalesForce, ServiceNow, Workday… all of them are looking for developers. You cannot learn how to develop ServiceNow code using the traditional training channels: they … Read more

Sales complaints against the new CRM solution

With SalesForce recently implemented as CRM solution in the organization, I have seen the two major teams complaining about the situation: Business department (sales), argues that the solution itself is not useful, and that it does not cover all sales needs of the sales people. IT organization, argues that the capabilities that exist in the … Read more

who will buy Salesforce?

This is a buzz that has moved the market after Salesforce jumped 15% in the market: NYSE:CRM. This is just pure speculation exercise, nothing else. I have several questions, who, why, when. Who and why: there are different alternatives, and plausible reasons. These are my bets. Oracle Salesforce is having some inability to make waves … Read more

Avention integrated with SalesForce

Avention provides different corporate services related to information related to companies, which plays a significant role when working with customers, competition… They have Avention for SalesForce, which is integrated in your SalesForce environment and provides directly the data you want to capture. I love it!

Mobility cannot be sold as stand alone solution

Mobile applications for corporations is a complex business. The decisions are being taken into so much perspectives and the situation of each company also has a big influence on it. The real question is not how to sell mobile solutions, the right question is how mobile solutions are purchased. Connectivity and web access, some years … Read more