Streaming Syndication

Streaming syndication refers to the practice of licensing and distributing streaming content across multiple platforms or services. It involves making a deal with various streaming platforms to distribute a particular show, movie, or other media content to their respective audiences. In traditional television syndication, a program is sold to multiple local stations or networks for … Read more

Comcast finance review

Revenue, gross profit, EBITDA, Operating expenses, FCF Stable revenue, deterioration of FCF due to not control cost at the right level. EPS, Dividend per share EPS (blue) is generally stable but sometimes it gives a big surprise. Debt, equity, cash & equivalents 2019 increase of long term debt (red). ROE, ROA

TV / Streaming Ecosystem

The user is the center of the whole thing. Technology has made the whole ecosystem has changed and that pace of change is faster and faster. We are moving in the last 10 years from a TV model to a streaming model where in the future they are going to co-live. To consider: The point … Read more

Comcast Technology Solutions

CTS or Comcast Technology Solutions is the division of IT for Comcast. First let’s review the user needs and the ecosystem, then let’s see some of the major services CTS provides. For those not familiar with the TV / Streaming ecosystem you can read this post related to it, I review some numbers, players and … Read more

NBA League Pass evolution

Background and goal The NBA have been building capabilities as organization since its inception. The visualization of the game on TV is one of the biggest sources of revenue to the league, till such point that the salary cap of the teams depends on the main TV contract. League Pass is a streaming service that … Read more