Monthly POMO evolution

I was digging into the Permanent open market operations (POMO) this August, trying to understand the impact of the FED in the stock market. Now that some months after the turmoil have passed, I have looked into the numbers in a monthly basis. The amount injected by the Fed in the market during these 9 … Read more

What is Digital Silk Road?

What is the DSR? Launched in 2015, the digital silk road is a mainly private-sector-driven program, supported by the state, with the aim of enhancing China’s digital presence abroad, and thereby extending its commercial and political influence. It is so far going well, particularly in the emerging world. This subset program comes from Belt Road … Read more

S&P 500 without Big Tech in 2020

This article is very interesting to me to understand what is happening after March’s turmoil. The weight of the 10 biggest companies seems to have something to say, but how much? I paste this picture for my memory, the rest of the article, is better to read the original.

A Wardley map of the company NVIDIA 2020

This map tries to visualize the situation of this company in 2020. Focusing on trying to understand its current situation and where its investments are going. The map The Players 2018 – 2019 table I’ll use this 2018 and 2019 billing table as a reference to see who the top players in the industry are. … Read more