Monthly POMO evolution

I was digging into the Permanent open market operations (POMO) this August, trying to understand the impact of the FED in the stock market.

Now that some months after the turmoil have passed, I have looked into the numbers in a monthly basis.

The amount injected by the Fed in the market during these 9 first months of 2020 is:

To see the evolution of the last 4 months in a better way, I have removed March and April. This is how data looks like:

What about the 2.3T$ promised by the FED?

In March the FED announced a stimulus program of 2.3T$ for the market through POMO. Right now they have spent 1.84T$ which is around 80% of the program.

What’s coming during next 6 weeks?

Well the main events are:

  • US President election.
  • Q3 results of the majority of the main companies of the indexes.



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