The way back

It was a Saturday on the 27th January of 2007 when we arrived to Gijón.

Today is Wednesday, 27th September of 2012, we are taking the way back to Seville.

2040 days in the middle where too many things has happened in our lives, but now it’s time to start again.

Integrated reporting tools

The organization in my company is changing in so many things; and there is a very good small change that supposes a great achievement and cost saving.

We are eliminating some of the power point reports, by the reports through the standard tools.

You will ask yourself: easy, isn’t it?

Not at all, these tools are there for some years, and the real change is that the senior management team is not going to accept any single standard report that is not on the standards.

That’s all, leading by example and push to the immediate reporting line.

This is really a real saving in terms of effort and time.

Globe, regions, countries… areas of influence

Every single company is divided in departments, areas, regions, countries, …. units.

These units do not work alone, they need to interact and there is always an authority leading each its area of influence.

Nowadays I work for an unit facing the customer unit in front of me. There are other 2 units working in the same way, so 3 in total. One of them is leading the 3 units (name it: alpha).

The alpha unit should be leading their activities and coordinating the other units, leading them for the overall success of the unit team.

Instead of it, the people that belong to that unit uses the “alpha” label just as title that automatically gives them the right to ask for everything to other units.

The information just flows in one direction: their direction.

They sometimes forget that they have limited authority to ask for some things, and the most important thing is that their credibility is decreasing more and more.

They perfectly remind they have some rights, but they forget they have responsibilities too.

I have been thinking a lot about this situation that is not good for us, and the only conclusion I reach is: Protectionism.

Looking for the right people

Sometimes you have organizational charts, then life is easier that when you do not have them. Some other times the organization is changing and the charts are not published but the business continues running.

What to do? Try to answer these questions:

  • Who is going to make the decisions?
  • Who has the budget?

When you find them, build a relationship with them, this is the only thing you sometimes can do.

Duatlón de Montaña Tabuyo del Monte

Segunda vez que asisto a este duatlón, esta vez con 10,5Km de carrera a pie, 28Km de bicicleta de montaña y para finalizar 4Km de carrera a pie.

Después de no correr casi desde Valgrande y salir en bici una vez he terminado. Este año la diferencia del recorrido fue la carrera a pie primera que hace dos años no contaba con dos subidas interesantes que ha habido este año.

Tiempos para olvidar:

10.5 km –      56:35
28 km    –   2:22:27
4 km      –      27:42

Total: 3:46:44

Consulting on a Library, yesterday and today

When I studied, one of the activities to be done was to go to the library for studying, consulting, reading or other staff.

Today there is a lot of study places and libraries that are full of people studying, but for consulting and investigating data the things have changed a lot.

In the old times, the books available were limited to the ones on the library and with a limited number of them. Now with Internet you can access to so much documentation.

In the past to know what was the best book, you could ask other people and try to seek on the books to find if the book was really useful. Now, you can access to feedback of people, summaries done by chapter and other type of information that helps you to understand in a better way if it is the right book. For sure you can also ask.

In the old times, the good books had a big waiting list of people, now you do not need to wait for it.

(Poster seen in Helsinki, Finland)