Embed a Part of a YouTube Video

Interesting note about YouTube videos that I didn’t know:

If you want to embed a YouTube video that starts to become interesting somewhere in the middle, there’s a simple way to skip the boring part. YouTube’s embedded player has a parameter that lets you specify the number of seconds that should be skipped before starting to play the video. Here’s how you should edit the code: append &start=[number of seconds from the start of the video] to both URLs.

Sueños Robados, El baloncesto yugoslavo

Que gran descubrimiento este libro. Para mi, que jugé a este deporte durante mucho tiempo y que tuve la oportunidad de ver a algunos de estos equipos en directo.

Me ha encantando poder entender algunas de las razones por las que se dió este fenómeno deportivo, social, demográfico y político; y de como una serie de personas que tenían en sus mentes una visión e intenciones claras de lo que querían hacer.

Tratar de resumir este libro de 500 páginas es una tarea que han hecho y publicado otros, yo solo quiero dejar este mensaje para mi recuerdo.

Leer libros de novela en general es siempre gratificante, pero leer literatura alrededor del baloncesto donde se mencionan todas los comportamientos de los grupos y personalidades de los equipos es más divertido aun, siempre que el libro sea bueno, claro.

Vitality forever

There are people that cannot stop learning, for example, see the e-mail I received Today:
“tell me again how to copy and paste and I will give it a try. Control C  and then highlight and then control V??  That didn’t seem to work.”
I love her, she is the best learning with the computer and with the iPad she is the one who teachs her friends to use all its features. She is 70 and she cannot stop learning.
I want to be like her if I arrive to 70.

Who is Who?

I work in a place where there are so much people working with different projects technologies, industries…

I would like to focus on 2 guys.

Both implement solutions with a well known platforms.

  • One of them is always advancing with respect the project plan, the other is always delay.
  • One of them does not invest any time on maintenance of the production place, the other typically invest 2 days after a wave on support activities.
  • One implements based in a clear object-based model with a clear MVC, the other implements clicking without know the architecture behind and the platform.
  • One implements independently of the end-user front-end (IE, firefox, mobile…), the other implements just for navigators.
  • One works without paying attention to the server, the other is always looking at the server performance.
  • One has the ability to access to a clear defined log and the other just receives a generic error on the console.

Do you want that I continue?  Just one more:

One implements solutions with SalesForce and the other with Microsoft SharePoint. Just imagine who is who.

Linkedin changes

Interesting change of direction given by Linkedin, well the right name now is: LinkedIn Corporation Class A Co. The name is not important, the matter is their change of direction.

This environment started as “the facebook for proffesional relationships” and now the it’s becoming more a place for hunters, HR recruitment…

I imagine they were thinking: in Monster, Infojobs, jobsearch… you usually have the people who is looking for a job; in linkedin we have ALL the people independently of any other circumstance.

I don’t know what they are offering to the HR departments of the big companies:

  • We have added specific skills,- we send you a daily, weekly e-mail with jobs.
  • You, my dear hunter, will have special panels for looking for specialists: BI tools, special search tool.
  • The people of my network will receive daily digests with positions with the same name that they are currently doing.
  • You will be close to them, they can be the “friend”, “connection” or whatever of you: HR hunter of their company competence!

It’s amazing, how they are changing the recruitment business: the old environments have to do something amazing because they are late.

For instance:

Pay preminum seeker service and you will have:

  • View Salary Information
  • Move to the Top of the List
  • Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Contact Hiring Managers
  • You have 1 month trial…

and more…

Record to Report Solutions (R2R)

There is a type of applications for financial processes that is focused on closing period activities. To achieve it, companies invest a significant amount of time, energy and money into the process.
My client is one of them and we have provided some solutions that works in this direction: automate as much as possible.

Working continuously on the improvement of these tools, enable them to:

  • Improve their cycle times, focusing on more business critical activities during the financial close (financial analysis to be more competitive).
  • Fewer resources required to support the financial close and financial reporting.
  • A reduction in audit fees
  • Reduce or eliminate workload peaks during the financial close
  • Standardization of processes, reference data and compliance activities across the enterprise
  • Issue isolation and resolution
  • Better adaption to the changes
  • Fewer reporting errors

Service renewal battlecard

During these months I face the service renewal activities.

This summary list just tries to review the concepts to be taken into account during these discussions.

A) In general take into account:

  1. The previous year consumption.
  2. The previous year major activities.
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Opportunities
    4. Threads
  3. The business challenges for next year.
B) Highlight added value,
  1. Why is this service worth doing?
  2. What are the consequences of not doing this service?
  3. What are the major risks associated with doing the service?

C) The minimum conditions for a service,

In general the balance Service & Budget has to be feasible and affordable:

The services has to be sized in terms of:

  • Availability: 12 months, 
  • Service Level Agreement,
  • Continuity,
  • Team behind the service has a minimum set of characteristics they have to achieve:
    • Functional knowledge,
    • Technical knowledge.
    • Real expected time response.

2010 SPS Farm Report

A tool to remind, the 2010 SharePoint Server Farm Report tool provides you information available that helps you to understand the complete configuration of your farm.


From the link:

“This is a 64-bit executable that relies on .NET Framework 3.5. This assembly can only run on x64 Windows operating systems where SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, and/or Project Server 2010 is installed and configured using psconfig.”

“It references the microsoft.sharepoint.dll and the powershell interface through system.management.automation.dll. It is recommended that you use IE to view the generated output and then optionally enable scripts.”

Project checkpoint: 80% budget consumption

One milestone that should be always be defined in a project from the control point of view is that Project Manager will notify the Client when the spend against budget reaches 80%. Doing an analysis about reasons that can make the project to be over budget at the end of the project.

One formal STOP for the project manager where s/he also have a milestone to see how things really go.

Sometimes the project manager is so busy in the weekly waves and have the hope that the time spent in the previous weeks is going to be recuperated.

I have worked in a project with this problem and one of the things makes me to detect the that the project was not going into the right direction was the ETC forecast was not always done in the right way, there were estimations that were clearly unrealistic.

Live is not perfect and there are so much projects that does not finish as you desire. This was one case more 🙁

Chasing approvals

Managing the contract renewal process of an applications portfolio means for me that I have to discuss with different portfolio managers from the customer.

The renewal process is done with customer portfolio leads, but the details are obtained from and with each one of the application lead.

Reach this point, there are 2 type of portfolio managers:

First group is composed by people who ask for information to each one of the application leads, organize it and comes back to me to discuss about portfolio budget.

Second group is composed by people who ask me to gather information to each one of the application leads, organize it and comes back to him/her to discuss about portfolio budget.

  • Which group is more effective?
  • Which group is more efficient?