Embed a Part of a YouTube Video

Interesting note about YouTube videos that I didn’t know: If you want to embed a YouTube video that starts to become interesting somewhere in the middle, there’s a simple way to skip the boring part. YouTube’s embedded player has a parameter that lets you specify the number of seconds that should be skipped before starting … Read more

Sueños Robados, El baloncesto yugoslavo

Que gran descubrimiento este libro. Para mi, que jugé a este deporte durante mucho tiempo y que tuve la oportunidad de ver a algunos de estos equipos en directo. Me ha encantando poder entender algunas de las razones por las que se dió este fenómeno deportivo, social, demográfico y político; y de como una serie … Read more

Vitality forever

There are people that cannot stop learning, for example, see the e-mail I received Today:     “tell me again how to copy and paste and I will give it a try. Control C  and then highlight and then control V??  That didn’t seem to work.”   I love her, she is the best learning … Read more

Who is Who?

I work in a place where there are so much people working with different projects technologies, industries… I would like to focus on 2 guys. Both implement solutions with a well known platforms. One of them is always advancing with respect the project plan, the other is always delay. One of them does not invest … Read more

Linkedin changes

Interesting change of direction given by Linkedin, well the right name now is: LinkedIn Corporation Class A Co. The name is not important, the matter is their change of direction. This environment started as “the facebook for proffesional relationships” and now the it’s becoming more a place for hunters, HR recruitment… I imagine they were … Read more

Record to Report Solutions (R2R)

There is a type of applications for financial processes that is focused on closing period activities. To achieve it, companies invest a significant amount of time, energy and money into the process. My client is one of them and we have provided some solutions that works in this direction: automate as much as possible. Working … Read more

Service renewal battlecard

During these months I face the service renewal activities. This summary list just tries to review the concepts to be taken into account during these discussions. A) In general take into account: The previous year consumption. The previous year major activities. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threads The business challenges for next year. B) Highlight added value, … Read more

2010 SPS Farm Report

A tool to remind, the 2010 SharePoint Server Farm Report tool provides you information available that helps you to understand the complete configuration of your farm. http://spsfarmreport.codeplex.com/ From the link: “This is a 64-bit executable that relies on .NET Framework 3.5. This assembly can only run on x64 Windows operating systems where SharePoint Foundation 2010, … Read more

Chasing approvals

Managing the contract renewal process of an applications portfolio means for me that I have to discuss with different portfolio managers from the customer. The renewal process is done with customer portfolio leads, but the details are obtained from and with each one of the application lead. Reach this point, there are 2 type of portfolio managers: First … Read more