Change behaviors

This is a list of changes I have done and I should do. I DECREASED OR STOPPED USING Facebook (once a week only). LinkedIn (once a day only). Twitter (once a day only) Television (since 2012). Sugar (no sugar at home since 2016) Limited the fried food (since 2007) Smartphones during meals (removed since October … Read more

100 days plan for strategic alignment

I was recently asked about how to plan an strategic alignment between business and IT initiatives, where there should be a focus on the: Follow-up and efficiency of projects initiatives. Track of benefits realization. Portfolio plan where we all can understand the dependencies of the IT projects and impacts on business. Improve the level of … Read more

Funny situation, the queen of ambiguity

This is the excellent e-mail I have received today about a problem of a project: ——————————————–Hello, we’ve a big problem with the project XXXX. In module YYY the basis functionality isn’t covered. The users need the possibility to filter on every field. As John (joapen: John belong to my team no to customer’s team) explained … Read more

Change Freeze

This period of inactivity is established to protect the IT infrastructure, application and/or other business activities from any change activity that may undermine its stability and operation. For instance, during Christmas that there is a lot of staff on holidays and each time more and more companies agree this type of stops. In addition service … Read more

Impact Analysis

Last week we were doing an internal project assurance on some projects. One of the PM was taking into consideration to show the client the need to perform some changes on the project scope. To mention these changes was the only thing he got ready for that internal session, previous to the customer meeting. We … Read more